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Fairmarkets International Ltd. was incorporated in 2021 and established by Netherlands-based company Trive Investment B.V. , in 2021. The group offers Forex and CFD brokerage business since 2019, with extensive industry experience. The strengths that set apart and drive forward the Trive Investment B.V. company are outstanding services, innovative approach, and excellent customer service.

Fairmarkets International Ltd. provides excellent solutions to both retail and professional clients that ensure effective multi-asset FX/CFD trading under the trademark of FairMarkets.

Our success relies on two priceless assets: innovation and local professionals. We aim to respond quickly to changing customer needs with the best service possible in the industry. We feel a great responsibility for being your trading companion, and we work hard to meet your expectations.

Delivering the best conditions for you, bundled with excellent customer service is our fundamental principle. We build the entire business model around you: the client. Our measure of success is your trading experience satisfaction on FairMarkets platform. We are dedicated to giving you the best trading conditions for over 500 products in the world’s top financial markets. Our lightning-fast trading platforms have so far processed high number of client transactions with accuracy in milliseconds. To meet every trader’s needs, we provide different accounts, instruments, and other investment options. Our expert customer representatives serve in 9 languages, 24 hours and five days.

Fast execution, competitive spreads, and excellent support are the golden rules that we commit.

We continuously advance our services and build on our global experience, always learning and improving...
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