Louis Teo

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Thousands of traders and partners worldwide. His speciality includes evaluating economic trends and geopolitical moves to forecast price changes and directions in the Forex market. A popular host on Fullerton Markets’ “Let’s Trade LIVE!” weekly webinar, Louis engages with a LIVE audience to decode market trends and provide LIVE trade calls to thousands of eager clients

Additionally, he has spoken in various forex events held in conjunction with our major partners across Southeast Asia including Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore, sharing about various trading methodologies and fundamental forex concepts.

He also produces a weekly market commentary on the economic and political events that affect currency values using both technical and fundamental analysis. Louis has been giving one-minute trade calls on Facebook LIVE since the start of 2018. This regular feature boasts a strong following, with Louis’ calls having made an astounding return of 86.5% to date.
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Enhancing Trading Knowledge

Louis is friendly , supportive and instructive. He is knowledgeable across Stocks / Forex / Cryptocurrency. Highly recommend to watch his webinar and follow his social media handles for more insights.
19.03.2022 07:08