Simmi Goh 吳絁嬍

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Founder of Value Envision

Simmi is an ex-national women’s volleyball team player before she turned into finance educator. She has hosted over 800+ online & offline trading courses since 2011. 11 years of Forex, precious metal, crude oil and other trading and analysis experience, based on fundamental, technical support, Simmi is good at both day trading and long-term trading and has been managing to achieve a stable 30% annual ROI since 2017. She is particularly interested in researching and experimenting with different strategies, especially of those retracement strategies. Her efforts did not go in vain, as she developed a new retracement strategy system called Monday Blue Strategy.
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Best trading lecturer

Simmi has invented her unique Monday blue strategy and share her experience to traders, this strategy helps us make profit consistently. The best education i have learned!
04.08.2022 13:54