Vi Vi

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Country Manager, Vietnam at BeinCrypto. Co-Founder at WeCrypto

Ms. Vi Vi used to be a team leader of a fund specializing in cryptocurrency for a Singapore-based company, where she played a role in making trading strategies, probabilistic statistics, managing traders, and managing capital to ensure profits.
In 2019, with her experience in cryptocurrencies, Ms.Vi was the first factor to help BeIncrypto expand the market in Vietnam as an analyst, Editor-in-Chief and then Country Manager. With a passion to contribute to the Blockchain Adoption in Vietnam, Ms. Vi is also a C-level and advisor for diverse projects from Real Estate, NFT Gaming, HR and Entertainment.
In 2022, Ms.Vi Vi together with 8 talented and experienced female KOLs established WeCrypto, a non-profit organization that shares knowledge about Blockchain and Crypto and accompanies charity projects.
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